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"The Captives don't go near the sound that made Op. Ivy underground legends. Theirs is a more reggae- and jazz-inflected sound,… serving as a link between vintage 924 Gilman ska-punk and straitlaced Yoshi's jazz; the young Captives pack enough weaponry to eventually blow the doors off either venue."

Source: East Bay Express article featuring the Soul Captives: "The Ska Janitors" 1/28/2004


"If the California Music Awards ever opt for the category Outstanding Dance Band Specializing in an Obsolete Genre, the Captives have got it on lock. But though these youngsters dabble liberally in the forbidden realm of (avert your eyes!) ska, they can also veer unexpectedly into jazzier, funkier realms that make 'em quite possibly the coolest wedding band ever, with enough chops to skip unpretentiously across genres and enough good-time party cheer to make grandkids and grandmas alike shake it like a salt shaker/Polaroid picture."

Source: East Bay Express article: The Soul Captives as one of "Ten Must See Summer Acts" 6/23/04


"Rocksteady/ska with deep grooves and heavy harmonies. For fans of Hepcat, See Spot, and Ocean 11."

Source: Amoeba Music: Music We Like Summer 2004


"Headlining 4 hours of ska and Latin Rock at Blake's on Telegraph in Berkeley, the Soul Captives sent a clear message to their audience: classic ska is far from lost to the past, and some of its youngest disciples have it down best. Despite its current mainstream perception as an offshoot of pop-punk, ska's roots reach deep into the 1960s and the heart of Jamaican popular music. That is exactly where the Soul Captives find their inspiration."

Source: Performer Magazine (West Coast Edition) March 2005